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“Welcome to An Ayurvedic Detox retreat program of Travancore Ayurveda  . Nasya karma is without doubt one of the 5 Inside  detox packages – Shodhana Karma  . let’s talk about about Nasya karma “

Nasyam is without doubt one of the highly effective Panchakarma remedy. Ayurveda considers nostrils to be the direct option to the mind and Nasyam remedy that includes administering of medicated herb oils by means of the nostril.

Sorts ofNasyam.

1)Virechanai Nasyaam

2)Pradhamana Nasyam

3)Snehna Nasyam

4)Shamana Nasyam

5) Pratimarshya


Sorts of Nasyam

Virechana Nasyam: This methodology includes pouring down ghee or natural oils down the nasal passage to clear off toxins and eradicate the identical collected within the throat or head. Also referred to as the cleaning Nasyam or Shodhana Nasyam, this methodology acts to do away with the doshas instantly from the pinnacle area.

Consultants hail Virechana Nasyam as an environment friendly option to deal with Kapha-related issues like complications, pores and skin illnesses, cysts, colds, eye illnesses, swelling, itching, and stiffness.

Pradhamana Nasyam:In this kind of Nasyam remedy, dry powders, as a substitute of oils are administered into the nostril utilizing a tube. It’s efficient within the remedy of situations like sinusitis, hoarseness of voice, nasal congestion in addition to power illnesses like tumors and cervical lymph.

All types of Nasya remedy purpose at assuaging Kapha-related issues from the physique, and therefore, all the therapies are generally a type of Virechana Nasyam. One other type of the Virechana Nasyam is the Shirovirechana Nasyam, which makes use of herbs with sturdy efficiency.

SnehanaNasyam:Additionally known as Brihmana Nasyam, the Snehana Nasyam administers medicated oil blended with camphor or different plant extracts into the nostril. It really works finest for dry sinuses, dry nostril, and stiffness within the neck, bursitis, and lack of sense of odor.

Shamana Nasyam: This type of Nasya remedy makes use of milk, medicated oils, decoctions, and teas to deal with issues prompted because of Pitta imbalance and vitiation of blood. It may well forestall untimely wrinkles, graying and thinning of hair, discoloration on the face, illnesses of the eyes, and many others.

Pratimarshya: The Pratimarshya type of Nasya remedy is a superb remedy for opening up deep nasal tissues and relieving stress. It’s appropriate for people of any age and may be given in any season within the morning or night. Pratimarshya remedy is mostly carried out after a head therapeutic massage, oil pulling, making use of collegium .



Advantages of Nasyam


  • Take away poisonous from all of the channels and cavities from Mind, Neck, Nostril, eyes ear and throat.
  • Cures Sinus and Hairfall
  • Sinus nasal Congestion and bronchial asthma
  • Improves Reminiscence Energy
  • Strengths Sensory Organs
  • Revitalize the mind and nervous system
  • Relives Headache and stress, Neck and cervical spondylosis
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Improves pores and skin Complexion, hair well being and untimely Gray hair
  • Nasyam advantages mind perform

Contra indications;

  • Throughout being pregnant and people who have undergone for nasal surgical procedure.
  • Not suggested for youngsters under 7years or folks above 80years.

After speedy head bathtub.



After Nasyam – Don’t rinse Your Hair instantly after remedy.

Keep away from direct daylight, chilly wind, Ac and fan and many others.





Dr. Priyanka  Okay  J ,B.A.M.S

Ayurveda Doctor

Travancore Ayurveda


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